Sunday, October 11, 2009

Belated Blogaversary To Me

No, I have not fallen off of the face of the earth...LOL

Yesterday was the anniversary of my blog...1 year! Does it still count if I really only wrote for about half of that time? :) My life got busy and it impacted everything.

About the time of my last post, I started a new job after almost 2 years of not working. It was with an agency that does school-based therapy (I'm a mental health therapist...not to be confused with just being a mental therapist LOL) and since the school year was almost over, I got to start at the beginning of the summer program the agency does for the kids to ensure that they keep receiving the services that they need until school starts again. I thought I was going to die by the end of the summer! I am the kind of person who goes inside in late April and doesn't come back out until October or so. Not this year! We went swimming every Monday afternoon, and every other Thursday we went to a local water park for the afternoon. I am not supposed to be exposed to direct sunlight due to one of the medications I am taking, so I stayed sunburned for a good part of the summer. Despite all of that, it really was kind of fun. I came home so tired from the heat and the kids that I didn't get to stitch much, and my blogging and blog reading suffered for it.

Well, as of about 2 weeks ago, I am once again unemployed. I was still in that initial probationary period, and they decided that "it wasn't a good fit" for me. I think that means 2 things is that the director is one of those people who is kind of fake and I'm one of those people who is definitely real and I don't think she liked that, and the other reason is that the hospital that the agency is affiliated with is cutting staff and since I was one of the highest paid therapists (due to my 15+ years of experience)...

I was really hurt by all of that because I really liked the job. I had a really good interview on Tuesday of this past week for another agency and I'm am hopeful about that. This agency does not have much in the way of benefits, but it does pay better so I'm hoping things will even out in the end. The guy who interviewed me said that there has been talk about putting together a benefits package and offering it but that this is not something that will happen anytime soon. The hours are much more flexible but it's a contract job where you are paid by the billable hour instead of by salary and I have never done that before. I have been thinking about it and there are a lot of positives so I guess I'll wait and see what happens. Keep good thoughts for me.

I have had time to start stitching again though. I am currently stitching Midnight Watch by Blackbird Designs and also a small freebie that I got from The Sampler Girl's blog a while back called Quaker Boo. Autumn is my favorite season, and for some reason I'm into Halloween this year as well. I always like it for the memories of my childhood and just for the spirit (no pun intended) of it all, but this year I'm into stitching Halloween designs as well. I also have a larger fall piece started that I will get back to by the end of the month and then in late November it's time to start stitching Christmas favorite favorite season!

I hope to do better about writing here and reading the blogs that I follow...I do go catch up on them periodically but I rarely have time to comment.

So hopefully...I'm baaaack!