Saturday, May 9, 2009

Question For Other Blogspot Users

Blogspot is really messing with my OCD! Does anyone know why it seems to randomly changing the spacing in posts and how to set the spacing you want? For example, my posts are usually single spaced, but then suddenly they will seem to be spaced at double spacing or more frequently, one and a half spacing (between single and double spacing). This is driving me crazy! Help me fix it!

The only pattern I can see to it is that after you insert a picture, everything after that picture will be spaced wrong.

ANY ideas?!?

Some Pictures

I am so behind in writing! I have had lots of stuff going on, and hopefully I'll have time to update things shortly...

Meanwhile, here are some pictures of recent finishes.

Irish Coffee by The Sampler Girl:

Hippity Hoppity by SanMan from their newsletter:

Bunny Tuck by SanMan:

I bought the fabric this one is stitched on from a remnant basket at my LNS and then found that it was just perfect for this!

I have some other pieces that I am just about finished with (some only need charms sewn on, etc) so look for more pics coming soon!