Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

I am stitching tonight and sitting on the bed with my dogs. May not sound very exciting, but it's one thing that I absolutely love.

Happy New Year to everyone!!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Sensory Overload

We went to see Trans-Siberian Orchestra last night. If you have never heard their music it's definitely something to check out. I have tried to go see them for 3 years now and finally made it this year! In 2006, the tickets were sold out when I tried to get them. In 2007, I had tickets, and good ones at that, but I was sick and could not drag myself out of bed, so I gave the tickets to my friend David and he and his mom got to go. I heard later how good it was. Well, last month, David told me that Mannheim Steamroller was going to be here, and we made plans to go. I had a friend who was going to go see TSO with me but then her plans changed and so I started trying to persuade David to go to that with me too. We were talking about it at Thanksgiving, and I heard again from both him and his mother how good the show was last year. I finally got him talked into going with me and ordered our tickets. When I went to his house for Christmas his mother gave me a Christmas card with a note in it that said "IOU 2 tix to the concert!" She bought our tickets for us for Christmas! I was so excited and surprised!

So we went to see TSO last night. There are really no words to convey what that experience is like. Spectacular is the only thing that comes to mind. We were at an arena which seats 18,000, so it's a pretty big place. We were on the top level and at the very top of the top level...there were only 4 rows above us. They have amazing lighting...lots of lighting effects and lasers that were really awesome. Somehow the lasers appeared to be glittery...I had never seen anything like that before. But combined with the cool light show was fire. I like fire, although I'm scared to death of it. This was pretty intense fire too. From our vantage point in the rafters we could still feel the heat from the bursts of flame! I'm sure I sat there with my mouth hanging open the entire time...and it was a 3 hour show. The musicians are very talented and they gave a great performance. Their technical crew must be awesome too...the lights were synchronized perfectly with the music and were right on the beat. I have never been to a concert that impressive.

I was as overwhelmed as a 2 year old at a 3 ring circus. I have to say, I got cable tv and done been to the county fair twice, and I still ain't never seen nothin' like that.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Here Comes Santa Paws!

Here is our picture from Pet Photos With Santa:

Merry Christmas from us all!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Gotcha Bosco!

I can' t believe it was only 2 yrs ago that I got him! It's been a good 2 yrs. I have never had a big dog before this, and he has been a real joy. He has recently started coming and laying on the bed with us (me and the other 3 dogs) in the evenings while I stitch and I love getting to spend more time with him...up til this point, he stayed in the den on the couch while we all hung out on the bed.

I have written all about getting him in my very first post.

Happy anniversary Bosco! I am so glad that I have you!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Gotcha Rudy!

I can't believe it was 5 years ago today that I got Rudy. I was determined to get my mother a dog from Christmas (yes, I know it's not good to give pets for Christmas, and that's why I made sure I was prepared to take it myself if she didn't want it) and she had wanted a dachshund. I found a really darling little dog on a shelter website, and by the time I contacted them, he was gone. So I started looking at other shelter websites, and found another one...also gone. While I was happy that these shelter dogs got homes, it was not making my plans any easier.

So I looked in the paper and found an ad for someone selling miniature doxies, $250 each. They advertised that they had one for $150. So I went to look. I don't think I knew enough about puppy mills at the time, but knowing what I know now...I'm pretty sure he came from one. His mother died from an infection right after he was born. Probably from being bred way too much. Anyway.

So I drove out to this incredibly rural area, and found this guy with the dachshunds. He had one 9 month old who had been there since he was born. He had scars on his face and looked cowed. The guy said that he got in some fights in the kennel. He growled and snarled at me when he was brought out in his cage, but he eventually let me pet him. I knew she wanted a dog younger than that (although she probably would have been better suited to a little bit older dog, but she wanted a puppy) so I asked about the dogs that were $250. There was one left. He also brought out this darling beagle/dachshund mix, but we needed a dachshund, and the little black one it was. As soon as I held him he started to bite and pull at the neck on my turtleneck shirt. My heart was lost. I had not planned to bring him home that day, but the guy refused to hold him, so I wrote a hot check to pay for him (it was Sunday and I knew I could get it covered the next day) and put him in one of my dog crates that I left in the back of the truck. I put it in the front seat with me with the opening facing me so he could see me through the wire door and so I could stick my fingers in and love him while we drove the 45 minutes home. I had to stop at Petsmart to get him some things. I got him stuff for Christmas and then we went home.

The other dogs were not too impressed. Daisy was scared to death of him and walked in wide circles around him if she had to pass him. It was hysterical. Rose went over and tried to pick him up by the neck. At first I thought she was trying to bite him and kill him, but turns out she had a strong maternal instinct and she was trying to pick him up. She assigned herself as his nanny, and if he was into something or whining and I didn't hear, she would come get me. They are still good buddies.

I already posted the story of giving him to my mom (it's in the very first post I did if you missed that story and want to read it). I wish I had one of his puppy pictures on the computer. He was only the length of my foot! Maybe after Christmas I can get a scanner and scan some of my older (pre-digital camera) photos in so I can post them!

Happy Anniversary Rudy! You are the light of my heart!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Eureka! Pictures!

Finally! This morning, I got the buttons glued on the ornaments that I have been stitching while watching Hallmark Christmas movies.

This is Ho Ho Ho:

This is Happy Jolly:

And this is Gingerbread:

Since at least one of those pictures is blurry, here is one of all 3 of them:
Those were all by SanMan Originals
This is Glory To God from the 2008 JCS Ornament Issue:

And this is a Trilogy kit called Believe:

Monday, December 15, 2008

I Have A New Follower!

You would think we were still in high school and I had just gotten my yearbook signed or something! LOL

I know who most of the people who read my blog are (Mainly from the 123 stitch message board). Do I know you from there too? If so tell me who you are?

I noticed that you don't have your name on your profile, so if you would rather not post who you are publicly, email me? Or if you want to be anonymous, that's ok too...

Can you tell it's close to Christmas? I have a new present and I want to unwrap it! LOL

I got my pictures reprinted today so I can start my cards...and I got my letter that goes with them written. It's a bit longer this year...that's what happens when you don't send out cards for 3 yrs in a row. Could also explain why I haven't gotten many the last year or so...

Still problem-solving on how to get my Santa picture posted. It's too good not to share!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Prodigal Blogger

I have at last returned to the blogosphere! I have been planted in front of the TV watching Christmas movies and stitching my heart out! I did finish Glory To God (with the dress and wings restitched, and I have to say that they look much better than more wine while I'm stitching! LOL) and have finished 4 ornaments from SanMan Originals secret shop. They have buttons that go on them that need to be glued on, and I keep thinking that I'll get that done and then photograph all of them and post them here, but it keeps not happening. Too much Hallmark channel.

I decided that I am going to do Christmas cards this year if it kills me. I have to go tomorrow to have reprints of our pet photos with Santa pictures done so I can enclose them in my cards. I have not forgotten to post them here, but I have no way to scan one into the computer so that I can post it. As soon as I am gainfully employed again, I am going to buy a printer/scanner.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

I'm Still Alive

I have been neglectful in posting this week. I have been busy stitching however! I started the Glory To God ornament, and was making pretty good progress. I did not like the way my stitches were looking on all the white in the angel, but decided ok, I'll deal with it. When I got almost to the bottom and found a mistake, I didn't even try to find where it was...just took almost the entire angel out.

Meanwhile, I had gotten my order of Secret Shop charts from San-Man Originals, and there are several little Christmas ornaments that have buttons or charms with them. I figured that I could finish one in one night of TV, so I started one. Well, it took two nights, but it is done and looks cute. I thought I could finish another one last night, and got about half of it done, when I did something I have never done before. I looked and realized that there was not enough room at the right side for the rest of it to fit. I've been stitching for 25 years and never had that happen! So I started it over and I like the fabric I'm using this time a LOT better.

I have never made so many mistakes and had to take so much out in all my years of stitching as I hav in the past 6 months or so! Must be stress...heaven knows I have had enough of it!

I'm watching movies all day on Hallmark Channel and one on Lifetime so hopefully I'll have another finish by tonight and will get to post some pictures!