Saturday, December 27, 2008

Sensory Overload

We went to see Trans-Siberian Orchestra last night. If you have never heard their music it's definitely something to check out. I have tried to go see them for 3 years now and finally made it this year! In 2006, the tickets were sold out when I tried to get them. In 2007, I had tickets, and good ones at that, but I was sick and could not drag myself out of bed, so I gave the tickets to my friend David and he and his mom got to go. I heard later how good it was. Well, last month, David told me that Mannheim Steamroller was going to be here, and we made plans to go. I had a friend who was going to go see TSO with me but then her plans changed and so I started trying to persuade David to go to that with me too. We were talking about it at Thanksgiving, and I heard again from both him and his mother how good the show was last year. I finally got him talked into going with me and ordered our tickets. When I went to his house for Christmas his mother gave me a Christmas card with a note in it that said "IOU 2 tix to the concert!" She bought our tickets for us for Christmas! I was so excited and surprised!

So we went to see TSO last night. There are really no words to convey what that experience is like. Spectacular is the only thing that comes to mind. We were at an arena which seats 18,000, so it's a pretty big place. We were on the top level and at the very top of the top level...there were only 4 rows above us. They have amazing lighting...lots of lighting effects and lasers that were really awesome. Somehow the lasers appeared to be glittery...I had never seen anything like that before. But combined with the cool light show was fire. I like fire, although I'm scared to death of it. This was pretty intense fire too. From our vantage point in the rafters we could still feel the heat from the bursts of flame! I'm sure I sat there with my mouth hanging open the entire time...and it was a 3 hour show. The musicians are very talented and they gave a great performance. Their technical crew must be awesome too...the lights were synchronized perfectly with the music and were right on the beat. I have never been to a concert that impressive.

I was as overwhelmed as a 2 year old at a 3 ring circus. I have to say, I got cable tv and done been to the county fair twice, and I still ain't never seen nothin' like that.


Paula said...

Sounds like you had a fantastic nice of your friends mum to get you the tickets.

Hope you had a lovely Christmas....Happy 2009

Lori-Ann said...

LOL... you do sound like an amazed child. Must have been some kind of a show!!

Glad you had a wonderful time.

Pumpkin said...

That was very sweet of David's mother! I'm glad you had a great time :o)