Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I Still Hate The New Blogger

Help! Can someone remind me how to change the font and size of my text in my posts please?!  :)

Let's Play Catch-up and a New Start

I used to blog so faithfully, and then life got in the way.  It has not always been kind in the time I have been away either.  My beloved Rudy, the little dachshund who was my inheritance from my mother, died in July 2011 of out of control diabetes and pancreatitis.  Then Daisy, my little Rat Terrier mix who I had loved for almost 13 yrs, died in February 2012 due to renal failure following pancreatitis.  I am convinced that the dog food they were eating was what caused it since they don’t get people food (other than the odd Cheeto that falls under the table) but the vet assured me that it was a fluke.  Rudy was only 7 and I was just heartbroken over both.

Meanwhile, I have 2 new additions to my little furry family.  Freckles is a dapple dachshund adopted from the Humane Society in a neighboring county.  She was taken in after being left outside year-round on a farm with no warm place to sleep.  She had been kicked by either a horse or the man who owned her, and has spinal damage.  She has very little muscle tone in her back legs, but she can run and climb like crazy!  She has some issues with bowel and bladder control but she is doing better…she will probably never be 100% again.  She is my darling!  And most recently, I have Miles, a Jack Russell Terrier mix, who was adopted from animal control in a neighboring city 2 days before his execution date.  He is something else!  He must be part mountain goat because he can climb and balance on anything and he is so busy!  LOL!


I’m trying to start stitching more…lately I have been doing more reading than stitching.  I decided to start my first HAED chart!  I’m nothing if not ambitious!  LOL  It is Fireside Embroidery and you can see it here: Fireside Embroidery  I am planning on it taking approx. 3 yrs to finish and that may be a liberal estimate.  I know I’ll work on other things too, but if I go back to it and work on it some too, it will eventually get done.   The material is huge and I have it pinned up with safety pins to make it more manageable…and it’s still heavy.   So this will be a new adventure!  I figure putting it out there on a blog might make me more accountable….

Happy Stitching!
Suzanne (and Rose, Bosco, Freckles, and Miles)