Saturday, May 9, 2009

Question For Other Blogspot Users

Blogspot is really messing with my OCD! Does anyone know why it seems to randomly changing the spacing in posts and how to set the spacing you want? For example, my posts are usually single spaced, but then suddenly they will seem to be spaced at double spacing or more frequently, one and a half spacing (between single and double spacing). This is driving me crazy! Help me fix it!

The only pattern I can see to it is that after you insert a picture, everything after that picture will be spaced wrong.

ANY ideas?!?


Lori-Ann said...

I hope this helps...
Try and add all your pictures before you do the writing.
If you are knowlegable in HTML, you can click that tab and adjust it. There are hidden computer language stuffs that cause the wonky spacing. I'm no pro and I just manage by trial and error.

BTW... I like your latest stitches! Missed your posts! :o)

Pam said...

It happens to me, too, and I'm not sure how to fix it because when I got into Edit Post it looks alright in there. I don't have an answer for you. I drives me nuts, too!

mumzy said...

Suzanne, I always put my pictures first and so, I have not had the same problems you have. Hope you can get it fixed as we miss you when you don't blog.

Jan said...

I always put in my pics first, and then re-arrange them, don't know that it makes any difference though. Hope it is working better for you now!

Rachel S said...

Putting in photos is always a tedious process for me.

Space it wrong and you have the wrong photo with the wrong caption. Or you have three letters on a line.

Stephanie said...

There's an extra line at the bottom of your picture included in the command when posting your pics, so it's automatically double spaced. If you hit return once before putting your pic in, then you'll be double spaced. Don't hit the return button under your pic as it's already double spaced. Clear as mud?

Anonymous said...

Hi Suzanne,

I am a fellow Mary Wigham Stitcher, also from Arkansas. I thought I would say hello!

Anonymous said...

I have noticed this too and it drives me absolutely bonkers!!!!

You have to go into your html tab and separate your paragraphs with blank lines instead of that div code.

Thanks for joining the Just Nan blog, I hope you will love it!

Dawn said...


I had this problem a while ago, and I had a long time finding the solution.

If when you start your blog you put your first pic in and then write about that pic. Then go to the HTML tab instead of compose. Before the very first bit of HTML just put in two hits of your enter button on the keyboard. This will give you space so you can see what other pics have been added.

Then when you want to add another pic, add it as normal in compose. When the pic has arrived on your blog that you are composing, go back to the HTML tab and you will see a piece of HTML that refers to your pic, you will see that it is spaced two spaces above your original HTML. Copy the new piece which refers to your pic, and paste it right down the bottom of the HTML that you have in that box. Click back to the Compose to see if you have the pic under where you want. If all is OK then go back into the HTML, and highlight the bit you just moved and pasted to the bottom of the blog, and delete.

At the end before you want to save and publish your blog, you will have to pull up the lines of print by backspacing at the beginning of a paragraph to make your blog have the right spacing at the top.

I did this with trepidation at first, but now it works great for me.

If you have any probs contact me via email on my blog profile