Friday, October 24, 2008

It's A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood

It was so beautiful here today! I think the high was around 65, and it was sunny. The dogs and I sat outside and I stitched while they chewed on sticks and chased squirrels. I hope to post a picture of my PS piece by the end of the weekend. My LNS has a get-together the last Saturday of the month for stitchers and they gather and stitch all day, etc. I have not been in a while so I hope to go tomorrow...if so, I should make progress on my Pumpkin Patch!

I live on a lake, which is good and bad, depending on how you look at it. From the standpoint of mosquitoes, it's very bad. From the standpoint of scenery (usually) it's good. This is the view from the top of my driveway (I live up a hill as well):
There are ducks but not as many as there used to be because we suddenly got a huge Canada geese population. They are pretty too, but they chase off the little white ducks and mallards, and they chased off my pair of swans that I was enjoying watching. The neighborhood homeowners association is trying to deal with the problem. They have rounded up 63 of them and relocated them, but a few days after that happened, I counted 11 in my front yard again. They are messy and they are noisy, and they are tame enough that they do NOT move to get out of the street for traffic, which means that if they are in the road, and they don't feel like moving, you are just stuck. There was a whole group of them swimming by today but of course by the time I got back with my camera they had moved on. I did take this picture of my little white ducks though:

For several years now, there has been this one lone Muscovy duck:

If my swans come back, I will definitely have to get a picture of them. They are so pretty! The subdivision I live in has 4 lakes, and the swans are currently on one of the others. Maybe they will come back here.
Once the leaves start to change, the lake is really pretty. They went through a few years ago and cut down all the trees at the end where the main road is, and really thinned out the trees on my one is sure why either. So it is not nearly as pretty as it was when I was younger, but it is still pretty enough. I'll have to get a picture of that too.


Lori-Ann said...

Nice scenery.

Pumpkin said...

I didn't know you lived on a lake! Wow, what a nice view you have :o)

We hear a lot of problems with Canada geese. They are messy and when there's one, there's usually 10 more :oS I'd rather see the ducks and swans.