Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Halloween Foursome Finished

Well, I finished my Halloween Foursome last night, and I'm not happy with it at all. I don't usually stitch on aida, so I switch out the aida in kits for some kind of linen or evenweave. I am always careful to get the same size so all the beads, charms, etc will still be in proportion and so that the finished piece wil fit if it is to go in a pillow or frame. So I don't know what happened, except that something did, and I'm frustrated by it. The kit came with 14 count aida; I used 28 count monaco. Same size, right? You would think. But my little finished foursome does not fit in the included tuck pillow. I have trimmed and tucked and pulled and scooted and edged and eased and scrunched and everything you can think of...and it just doesn't fit. Here is a photo:

See how it touches on the corners? And this was the best that 30 minutes could produce. Oh well, by the time I get it back out for next year, my frustration with it will be past and I will be able to enjoy it anyway...

So after I finished with that, I kept "unstitching" AIAM...I am almost to a point where I can start stitching it again! Yay!

And since I finished something, I got to start something (I wonder if this explains my constant and steady number of WIPs?!) So I started Prairie Schooler's Pumpkin Patch. I'm stitching it in hand too and really enjoyed it last night. I may have discovered the cause behind my recent (several year) stitching slump. I have been stitching some, but nothing like I used to and not enjoying it like I used to either. So I am really excited about this! Hopefully I will get enough done in the next few days to warrant posting a WIP picture!

I have gotten some really nice comments on my blog posts, and I want to take a minute and thank you all. If you read and have not posted to any posts, leave me a quick note so I know who you are? There was a list of stitching blogs posted at the 123 Stitch message board recently, and I just wondered if anyone decided to come read mine...besides the 2 that I know of!

Off to watch L&O:SVU and stitch some pumpkin patch...


Pumpkin said...

Honestly I have no idea why this happens, unless this is more give with the evenweave fabric than the aida. I did the same thing with a pattern by JJ. I bought the recommended frame from them and my piece was WAY too big for it :o( Now I have a nice frame but nothing to go in it. Maybe you could make it into something else?

I can't wait to see your progress on the PS piece :o)

mumzy said...

Sorry your Halloween Foursome did not turn out the way you would have been happy with. It certainly can be frustrating.

Good luck on the new project.

Lori-Ann said...

Have fun playing in the pumpkin patch! LOL.

Sorry your finish didn't fit in the tuck. Seems like a Halloween prank... although I don't think anyone would be mean enough.

You asked about my poem and design.
Yes, I thought up the poem and I have designed it on my computer.
All me, LOL.

Say hi to your Doxie, Rudy!!
You mentioned I should consider a shelter to adopt from. I won't be taking a doggie in my home for a while. We need to breathe a bit first, and get over our loss. I will be considering a shelter as I would like a mixed breed next time. I don't seem to have much luck with getting a healthy doggy in the last 15 years.
15 years ago, I could adopt at the SPCA for 30 dollars... now it's 170. Wow!... but there is a spaying/neuter built into that. We will see. Going through training a puppy at this time seems a chore, but I know I will get the bug come Spring.