Monday, October 27, 2008


I discovered a great series of books this weekend. I have had a couple of books in the series for a while, but this weekend, I decided that I wanted something set in modern times to read too when 18th century England got too heavy, so I picked up Laura Childs' Scrapbook Mysteries series. I read about half of one laying in bed last night. They are set in the French Quarter in New Orleans, and they have all the slighty kooky characters that you would expect from that area. The series centers around a woman who owns a scrapbooking shop. There is lots of detail about scrapbooking, which is interesting to me although I am not involved in that. If you like mysteries, you may want to check these out. She also had a series of Tea Shop Mysteries that revolve around a tea shop in Charleston.

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Pumpkin said...

I tried to find her books at the library but they didn't have any :o( I ended up picking up another mystery author to try.