Friday, October 17, 2008

Ever Have One Of Those Days?

I had one today. To start with, I had to pay bills and that is always stressful and tense anyway. Then just everything I touched went wrong. I was out running errands and looking forward to going home and going to bed (yes, I know it was just after dinnertime, I did not care at this point) and my pregnant friend Cathy called to tell me that she did not know if she was in labor for real or not, but she was going to the hospital and she would call me and let me know. I had planned to be there with her (although not in the delivery room thank God...I would just be in the way laid out there on the floor) so I came home and tried to relax until I heard from her. Then I got really sick at my stomach and decided to come out of denial and admit that I had a migraine. Called to let her know, and she told me that she did not know if she was really in labor for real or not but that she had announced that she would not be going home and coming back, so they needed to plan on doing whatever it took to deliver a baby tonight. Last I heard, she was laid up in a bed attached to monitors and sounding very irritable. I really wanted to be there to support her. Instead I'm going to go to bed with a book and read for about 5 minutes until I fall asleep.

I finished Sepulchre last night. I'm still trying to decide if I like the way it ended or not. In some ways I do but in some ways it seemed to not really fit with the rest of the book. Overall, I thought it was really good though. In keeping with the time of year, I started a book called The Spiritualist by Megan Chance. It's set in 1857, so I"m still in the 19th century...although I'll be returning to the middle ages after this most likely. I really want to read the new Sharon Kay Penman book, and I need to go back and re-read the 2 that preceed it first. But this was just too good of a book for this time of year! Hopefully it will be certainly started out that way.

I have been too tired to stitch in the evening, which is not good because I will never get the Halloween stuff that I have started this year finished in time, let alone do the 2 designs I have picked out that I really wanted to do this year. After Halloween is over, I will stitch on some autumn things until I feel like Christmas, and then I will stitch on some holiday things, and then after the first of the year hopefully things will get back into my regular WIPs! Maybe I should set some stitching goals for 2009...I have seen other people do that, but I really just want to stitch what I want when I want and not feel obligated or pressured into getting anything done or finished. It's supposed to be fun and relaxing (can't prove it by my recent attempts though LOL) right?


mumzy said...

Join the Club. I started out pretty good but by noon time, I had to call the ambulance to take DH to the hospital. He was having chest pains and has a history of heart disease, so in we go to the hospital that is located 45 minutes away. It is now after midnight, and I have just got home minus DH. They kept him in just to make sure but he seems fine now. Just one of those days!

Lori-Ann said...

My "One of those days" turned into a week!

After we put the Frankie down, the next day,hubby went to hospital with chest and neck pain too.

Mumzy... Is there a special on chest pains at the hospital this week?? weird coincidence. Hubby is fine, likely a pulled muscle.

Sorry about your migrane. ouch! :o(

I'll be waiting to hear how your friend made out with her labour and what gender her baby is.

Pumpkin said...

I think I come close to being Queen of "one of those days". LOL!

How did Cathy make out? Did she have her baby? Migraines are no fun and I don't blame you for going to bed and turning out the lights.

I'm in the same boat as you as far as stitching goes. I haven't touched it in a week :o(