Friday, October 31, 2008


I had a revelation Tuesday night, while I was laying on my bed watching It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown and You're Not Elected Charlie Brown and NOT stitching...this is supposed to be something that I can find pleasure and relaxation in. It is not supposed to be something that creates any degree of anxiety. And if it does, then there is a problem.

So I have put PS Pumpkin Patch and All In A Moon. I was really enjoying stitching in hand again, but I'm not happy with the tension and the way it looks. It does not make any sense whatsoever to me to continue to take out and restitch the same part over and over, trying to get the stitches to lay like you want and still not be happy with them. And that was what hap been happening. I put in that top line on Pumpkin Patch 3-4 times and was still not content with it. I really wanted to stitch something seasonal, and I still have my Brittercup Autumn Is In The Air that I plan to finish, but I wanted to start something by PS because I really wanted to stitch something of theirs. Another one that I have had semi-kitted is PS Autumn Leaves, so I started it. I am stitching it with a hoop instead of a q-snap. It is easier for me to be able to have my left hand under my work to help guide the needle etc and it is harder for me to do that with a q-snap. My left hand is the one that I have not yet had the carpal release surgery on yet and so it gets stiff and painful fairly easy. If I ever go back to work and have insurance again, I can have surgery on that one too. When I had the right one operated on, they told me that the CTS was severe in the right and moderate in the left and that I needed to have surgery on both, but the right was basically an immediate necessity to avoid permanent nerve damage. Anyway, all medical stuff aside, I am using a hoop and really pleased with how my stitches look. I have always heard how evil hoops are and I know they do squash down the stitches that get between the rings of the hoop, but my q-snap squashed my stitches too. My worry is how this will be in the long term since I tend to stitch with overdyed floss now and can't wash my work like I used to. When I used to wash everything, it was no big deal...they would fluff back up after it got washed and ironed. This is actually in DMC so if I need to wash it I can.

I have too much stress about too many things (employment, financial, etc) in my life to let my hobby stress me out more and keep me from enjoying something that does relax me and give me pleasure.

But the dogs sure did enjoy laying on the bed that night and getting petted instead of laying on the bed and watching me stitch! LOL


Paula said...

Hi Suzanne....I've just read about your trip to the emergency vet, poor Rudy, how's he doing now?? Give him a ear scratch from me.

Sooo you've another What ever happened to your Celtic Autumn huh??? Are you working on her at all.....

Happy stitching.....

Pumpkin said...

I hear you. Things are SO stressful here too and my stitching is not being as enjoyable as it usually is :o( I hate when this happens because this is the one thing that makes me relax.

I think it's a good idea that you stitch what you want, especially at times like this. There is no sense making your hobby a stress as well.

I hope Rudy is doing well. Give him a little pet from me :o)