Saturday, November 1, 2008

Weekend Update

I got an comment from a friend asking me if I had figured out what had happened to Rudy...I completely forgot that part when I wrote my entry yesterday! LOL The best I can figure is that he cut himself on a nail. I have a storage shed in my back yard that is raised off of the ground and has wooden latticework around the base of it to cover the sight of the concrete pillars it is sitting on and to keep live things out. Well, after we moved here, the biggest 4 legged live thing decided that he wanted in, and so he rammed a hole in it. For a while it was almost impossible to get them out from under there, and then they got bored with it. Rudy trapping and killing his possum under there Labor Day weekend did create a resurgence of interest, but that also died out fairly quickly. I had checked when they first broke in and there were no rough places to hurt them, and really there is nothing under there except a rotting tree stump (and apparently there was a possum) so I haven't worried too much about getting it repaired. Believe me, with all the drama of this house etc, that shed is the very least of my worries right now. However, he must have cut himself getting under there somehow. The next morning when it was light, I went to check out the situation and there is a new larger hole on one side that DID have a nail pulled loose at the top of it. I guess that maybe he cut himself trying to get under there...although the hole was more than ample even for his little fat chunk of a dachshund self. He and Bosco play really rough but I have never seen them bite at each other on the back and I really don't think this was Bosco. He has done his share of hurting the other dogs without meaning to - he has bitten both Rose and Rudy hard enough to break the skin and leave marks (he does not understand that big teeth and little ears don't play nicely together) - but this didn't look like a dog bite. It was not a puncture, but a tear. Yuck.

Rudy is doing better. Of course he slept with me last night even after I wrote and said that he would not. I came out of the bathroom just as I was going to bed and there he was, looking up at me with a hurt little look and he headed to the bedroom looking over his shoulder at me and that was that. He snuggled right up next to me and rubbed his little nylon-stitched back on my bare leg and everything of mine tightened and quivered, but he stayed. He slept at the foot of the bed more than usual, but I woke up and found him touching me several times. He does not understand that his incision is supposed to be tender and hurt a little bit. Or else he just does not care.

Here's something funny in all of this: The material they sutured him up with is purple!!! At first I didn't see it because he is a black dog and purple matches him so well! LOL But as the swelling goes down and I can see the stitches better, sure enough they are purple. They match his collar. I'm guessing that is not why they are that color though...

I have also had some comments asking me about my friend Cathy (she who went to the hospital in labor with the intention of refusing to leave until she delivered her child) and people have asked how she and the baby are...She did have her baby (although not the night she went with the intention to remain there). This was not a planned pregnancy and she had made the incredibly unselfish and loving decision to place her baby for adoption. Her little girl is healthy and well and is now with her new adoptive family where she will be loved and spoiled beyond all belief. The adoptive parents have 2 dogs, so they are ok in my book! LOL I find this to be one of the most awesome things I have seen for a while. I watched her developing pregnancy, and continued to be struck by how unselfish a decision this is. I have so much admiration and respect for her for doing this. And what is just astonishing to me is that she has not gotten support from most of the key people in her life. I don't understand.

My Halloween was great! I turned out all visible lights, ate the York peppermint patties shaped like little pumpkins with orange filling all by myself (mostly...Rudy got a bite of one to take his pills with) and stitched and watched a marathon of The Munsters. I got a LOT done on my Autumn Leaves! I sat and stitched tonight and started watching season 1 of the tv series That 70's Show. I end up watching more than stitching when I watch that because I am enjoying revisiting all the clothes and shoes, etc. Just in the first cd of this set alone, I have seen 2 pair of shoes I used to have and one purse. I knew I should have held on to that stuff. Only thing different about the 70s and 80s retro things now is that I know how ridiculous they look and won't wear them again! LOL

I'll post a picture of my Autumn Leaves at the end of the weekend. It is stitching so fast and is so fun to stitch!

Paula asked about my L&L Celtic Autumn and whether or not I am still working on her. The answer is not right now. I decided that I wanted to do some smaller seasonal things that I could actually finish in the appropriate season (thus the frustration when the small seasonal projects got derailed) and I have not gotten back to her. Probably I will continue to do seasonal things through the holidays and then get back to her in earnest after the first of the year. I thought I might actually set some stitching goals for next year...I have never done that and have always thought that it should be fun not a goal-driven thing, but I may kind of outline some things I would like to get finished in 2009 anyway. I guess I need to start thinking about that.

As far as books, I am still trying to read The Grenadillo Box but I am having a hard time getting into it for some reason. I did finish the first of the scrapbooking mysteries by Laura Childs and really enjoyed it. I have started the second one and have also just barely started the first tea shop mystery. Maybe that's why I can't get into the Janet Gleeson book?! I start books like I start cross stitch projects, but the difference is that I actually finish the books! LOL

I don't think there is anything else to update least not right now...


mumzy said...

I was away on the weekend to visit my sick MIL in the hospital, so I was not aware that Rudy got hurt. My heart goes out to you as we know that pets are really members of the entire family. Glad to hear that Rudy is on the mend.

Also you are one of the ones that is getting an item from me for the PIF tag. Just send me your name and address at my e-mail address, and I will forward the item to you shortly. My e-mail address is:

Hope things turn around for you and have a great day!

gwyneth said...

It sounds like Rudy is healing well, especially with all that TLC he's getting from you. The poodle horde in Southeast Texas are sending him good vibes for a speedy recovery.

I'm also very moved by your friend who gave her baby up for adoption. What a completely loving and selfless act.

Lori-Ann said...

WOW!! That's alot of updates. But it is nice to hear how things turned out.

Wonderful of your friend to give up her baby for adoption. Very hard to do I'm sure, so I commend her for that.

Poor Rudy... a nail. Ouch! poor baby. :o(

You turned out visible lights on Halloween? Must have been dark and spooky. Nothing wrong with that. I think I would consider the same if I didn't feel I was safe opening my door. Our neighbourhood is safe... so far anyway.

Keep wagging! :o)

Pumpkin said...

Sounds like Rudy likes to investigate ;o) Purple stitches huh? LOL!

I think it takes a very special person to admit that they cannot be a parent. That is real honesty. That's wonderful that the little girl has been adopted into a loving family :o)