Monday, November 10, 2008


Rudy got his stitches taken out today. That was quite a production. First off, he decided to act out in the waiting room. We were ok until a large chocolate Lab came in, and Rudy started acting like this was his sworn enemy and he was solely responsible for the continued safety of us all. He puffed out his little chest (as much as he can since it's so low to the ground heehee) and drew himself up to his full height (of what? 10 inches? maybe?) and started a barking frenzy. This dog was easily 4 times his size, and he backed up when Rudy started his fit. We got him put in the exam room about that time. The other people were laughing about it, thank goodness. So Tough Man gets on the table and the vet starts to run his hands over his back (which I do every night repeatedly while we are in bed trying to go to sleep) and He Man starts to whimper. Oh great. Well, the incision had healed over the stitches in part, so the vet had to disturb the healing process somewhat (sounds so much nicer than had to pull some of the scab off) and oh my, let the yelps begin! So after me and the vet wrestling Tough Dog we finally got the stitches out. I have to put Neosporin on it for a few days to help the healing process again. Well, while he was there, I asked the vet to please cut his nails. Rudy has the cutest little feet. They are brown with little black tips on each of his toes. And because they are cute, I play with them all the time. And he is fine with that (unlike some of my other dogs who would try to take some fingers off). However, as soon as Dr. Allen picked up a foot, the yelps began again. He is such a drama queen (Rudy, not the vet...the vet is a good guy). He started with little yelps, and by the time we got to Foor Number 4, he had graduated to loud they-are-operating-on-me-with-no-anesthesia-and-using-a-chainsaw-for-a-scalpel yelps. I had my body laid across him to get the final few done, and I laid there thinking "This entire waiting room can hear this and they are laughing their tails (how punny) off at this dog who thought he was going to tear a huge dog apart limb from limb and now is yelling at a toenail clipper".

Here are Rudy's cute feet :

You can see from his facial expression and by the look in his eye that feet are still a VERY sensitive subject! LOL


Pumpkin said...

Poor baby! He was just letting everyone know what a hard life he has ;o) LOL!

I'll have to take a picture of Brie's front feet because they are HUGE! We call them her big mitts because they're the size of a baseball glove :o)

Lori-Ann said...

Well, he's living up to the Dachshund image of major whimp! ROFL.

I remember Frankie being the same way and the vet saying it was typical to the breed... even trying to take some flesh from the vet. :oO

Thanks for the giggle, although I feel bad for poor Rudy's bruied "Tough Guy" pride. ;o)

mumzy said...

Rudy must have two personalities. The Tough Dog and the Whimp. I laugh out loud all by myself when I was reading your blog. I just pictured all of it.

As pumpkin stated in her comment, I can attest to the size of Brie's front feet.